Abortion is the hardest issue that I’ve had to think on. How does one decide which is more valuable, the life of an innocent being, or the freedom, rights, and mental/physical health of a woman? I have no satisfactory answer to this question. What I will tell you instead is what I believe, and please hear me out to the end.

I am both “pro-choice”, and “pro-life”, and I believe that most people, if they think about it long enough, feel the same way. The division of people into these two supposedly opposite camps is artificial and does not match with reality. Very few people WANT children to be killed when it can be prevented, and very few people WANT to control the bodies of women. It is simply a hard question before us, and emotions run high.

I personally believe that all life is sacred and should be protected at all costs. However, I also believe in the power of freedom and individual choice. As I have vowed to protect life AND liberty, the issue of abortion is the point at which both of those issues intersect and conflict.

Therefore, here is my proposal. I propose to temporarily maintain the status quo, the current legitimacy of Roe vs. Wade as determined by the U.S. Supreme Court.

HOWEVER, I also propose that we need another solution to the problem that will try to resolve the issues for both sides of the debate. For the United States government to successfully fulfill its obligation to protect and promote life AND liberty, it must seek to protect the life of the unborn child AND protect the freedoms of the pregnant mother.

I propose permanent funding for a scientific project that would lead to the creation of a fully functioning artificial uterus.

By creating such a device, I believe that both sides of the issue can find peace and common ground. Innocent unborn children are protected, and the freedom of the pregnant woman is secured.

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