Statement of Principles

It should be noted that this was from my indefinitely suspended political campaign:

[Rough Draft – Updated 12.15.2012]

I vow to, above all else, do no harm, whenever possible.

I vow to promote and protect pursuit of happiness.

I vow to promote government transparency. With the exception of the interests of national security, all of my official actions and decisions will be publicly recorded, and all of my meetings will be open door.

I vow to spend none of the time that I am working for the public in seeking or retaining public office. I was elected to work for the people, not for myself. I will not campaign while I am a public servant. Others, however, may campaign for me. If I am re-elected without campaigning, I will accept a continuation of my service. However, I vow to only ever serve two terms of any specific public office that I hold. Politician should NOT be a lifelong career.

I vow to simplify the US Code of laws. The current system causes corruption, and allows for political games to continue. As it exists right now, a politician can put out a negative ad that says “Candidate A voted AGAINST giving veteran’s benefits and FOR giving illegal immigrants free health care”. The reason why this is possible is because often times, these things are all a part of the same massive bill. This needs to stop. Every issue should be voted upon independently. Bills that go into and pass Congress should be no longer than a page long. There is no reason for Congress to be expected to pass bills that are thicker than any novel ever published. I would rather see a million tiny bills passed than one single gigantic bill numbering in the thousands of pages. Also, bills should use language that a person that receives a public education through high school can understand. If it does not, then it makes it easier to hide things. I will not sign into law any bill which I have not read and understood. No Congressman should vote for or propose a bill that they cannot read and understand at a single sitting.

I vow to protect the innocent until proven guilty. The court of public opinion be damned, the only court that matters is the court of the law. Guilt should be proven beyond a reasonable doubt before punishment commences.

I vow to make the tax system a simple to understand system that treats all people fairly.